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Nursing have got considerable attention due to its distinguished contribution in developing the health service levels in all over the world. Despite its importance, Nursing specialization considered one of the rare specialties in all over the world and in Saudi Arabia in particular. Saudi Arabia now needs more than 50,000 nurses (both genders). These jobs are now filled by foreign nurses due to the small amount of the health educational institutions graduates that do not exceed 2,000 nurses per year. by 2030, The need for Saudi nursing in Saudi Arabia will reach more than 80,000 jobs.


With 2030 Vision, Saudization has become a strategic choice for the private and public health sector. The average cost of the foreign nursing profession borne by public and private hospitals reaches about SR 10,000 per month, including government fees, accommodation, tickets and transportation. Therefore, the trend towards Saudi nursing is less expensive and more stable. All nursing students in Saudi Arabia are contracted by private hospitals before graduation, at a salary of not less than 8000 Riyals per month.

The nursing program offered at Al-Riyada College for Health Sciences is one of the most modern methods used in the teaching of human medical sciences and is based on evidence teaching. It may be the first in the Kingdom where this method is used.

The distinguishing feature of this approach is the homogeneity and overlap between basic medical sciences, humanities, and applied nursing sciences. This is evident in the study plan prepared for this program, as some advanced materials aim to reflect this homogeneity. The curriculum also allocated a percentage of the hours to develop the capabilities of the future job seeker, which nurses’ practice after a period of clinical work such as management in nursing or education for all related groups.


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