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The program is designed for five years. Students in the first semester of the first-year study English language courses, basic sciences and the introductory courses for the program. In the second semester of the first year, students begin with practical training in hospitals in addition to the theoretical studies.


The specialization subjects begin from the second year of the program until the end of the fourth year. The last year (the fifth year) students begin their clinical training (the year of excellence) after completing all the fourth-year subjects successfully according to the approved plan for training in this specialty. 


The duration of the year of excellence is 12 months. After completing the course, students will be tested by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and they will be qualified for the job market once they pass this test successfully.

program information

  • Type Of Study (theoretical/practical)
  • Duration Of Study 5 years
  • Date Start Study
  • Degree Bachelor
  • Sector Nursing
  • Fees more
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