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College Overview


Al-Riyada College for Health Sciences (RCHS) was founded as a result of a study conducted by The Social & Economic department of Makkah Region. The study showed there was a huge shortage of qualified Saudi employees in the healthcare sector in general and in the nursing profession in particular.  

Considering the kingdom’s need for qualified nurses with bachelor’s degree, Dr. Mohammad Erfan and his partners decided in 2006 to establish Al-Riyada College for Health Sciences in collaboration with a number of major hospitals in Jeddah. In order to ensure a high quality of the outputs, RCHS had adopted a joint program with Queen Margaret University in its early years. This program is built on the latest teaching methods based on evidence-based learning and integrated sciences. Since then, the College has continued to serve the community under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, following the same distinguished evidence-based curriculum adopted during its period of cooperation with the Scottish University and provided an academic staff with high qualifications and considerable experience in teaching and provided an academic staff with high qualifications and considerable experience in teaching.


To provide professional health care through excellence in nursing education, research and community services.




Preparing an academically qualified and highly skilled nurse who is capable of fulfilling the community needs, and who is able to compete nationally and internationally in accordance with the professional and ethical standards of the nursing profession.



·       A graduate who is able to compete in the international job market.

·      To develop the research capabilities of the college.

·      To increase the cooperation between the college and the society. 

·      To establish university values and traditions.


Core values

·      Freedom of thought and expression

·      Develop professional performance

·      Team spirit and cooperation:

·      Excellence and creativity

·      Social responsibility

·      Diversity




 Al-Riyada Collage for Health Sciences provides an authorized bachelor’s degree in nursing for:

·      Highschool Graduates (Bachelor Program)

·      Diploma Graduates (Bridging Program)

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