General Internship Aims

The program will enable students to:

·     Function competently, applying experiences achieved through academic program in giving high quality direct care by assessing, planning and carrying out nursing activities and adapting them to differing situations.

·    Synthesize the theoretical framework provided by nursing studies and thereby demonstrate a holistic approach to problem solving and decision making in nursing practice.

·    Promote effective professional interaction and therapeutic interpersonal relationships with clients and families in a variety of settings.

·    Apply theoretical principles of management, leadership, teaching and learning in the context of the nursing and multidisciplinary team.

·    Provide a basis for further professional development in preparation for positions of influence within the profession, recognizing individual responsibility for continuing education throughout a career.

·    Appreciate and evaluate the changing social and cultural context in which professional nursing activity is set.

Internship year program/ Training program

Educational purpose of the program:

The overall aim of this internship program is to facilitate the intellectual, professional and personal development of Saudi undergraduate nurses that permits them to contribute to the development of the theory and practice of nursing in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During this process the students will achieve the competencies /outcomes required by registered nurses.

Nature of Internship:

The internship is compulsory year of clinical training in which it is intended to bridge the gap between theory and practice. It is one calendar year length divided into 52 weeks.

Job Description:

All duties will be performed under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. Work within the nursing process to provide direct nursing to assigned patients. Serve as a role model to promote a positive work environment and quality patient care. Ensure adherence to hospitals and departmental policies and procedures.

Attendance policy:

There is a very strict attendance policy. Interns who fail to complete internship will not be able to take the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties exam, or receive their certificate of completion of Bachelor o f Science in Nursing.